Indestructible Quads "Tiny Black Label" 3S True 80C Racing LiPo 550mah Battery

$12.00 $13.00

It's finally here! Just in time for winter flying!

Perfectly sized for 2 to 2.5in micro brushless builds, rule the (indoor) sky with these adorably tiny but deceptively powerful Tiny Black Labels. With a no-BS 80c discharge rating, these little guy will supply more power than your ESCs can pull. 

Staying true to the Indestructible name, these little guys are protected with the same extra-thick matte heatshrink and mylar from its big bros. It's like wearing a bullet-proof vest to a paintball fight, these will never die from crashes! 



Dimensions: 57mm x 30mm x 15mm

Weight: 56 grams

Discharge lead length: 35mm

Balance lead length: 10mm

Charge rate: 2c for normal charging, 8c if you're really in a hurry