Indestructible Goby 180 Extreme


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put a jet engine on your bike? Or power a tea kettle with dynamite? As the British-blue-collar-mad-man version of Elon Musk, Colin Furze, has demonstrated, whenever you put a lot of power in a small package, good things happen and you'll get a lot of imaginary internet points. 

That is also why I crammed 5in power into a compact 4in frame, so you get 14 lbs of thrust carrying just 1lb of quad and scream your way to 90mph on just stock 4S setup.



-Goby 180 Frame with custom top plate

-BrotherHobby Tornado T2 2600kv motors

-DALRC BS25 25A BlHeli_S escs

-DAL T5045C Cyclone Tri-blade props

-Emax Skyline F3 FC w/ 6050 gyro

-Matek HUBOSD PDB/OSD with voltage and current telemetry 

-HS1177 CCD camera with optional 2.5mm lens and up to 75 degrees of uptilt 

-Foxeer TM200 40ch 200mw VTX

-Foxeer "unbreakable" 5.8ghz Circular Polarized Antenna 

-310g empty weight, ~460g AUW