Q: I needed my items yesterday, when can you ship and how fast can I get it?

A: Since I'm a one-man shop, the shipping processing for parts goes like this: 

  1. I print out the shipping label at my desk
  2. I go to my closet to fetch the item
  3. I go under my sofa to get a USPS box 
  4. I place the items and if necessary, bubble wrap, into the box. If you ask nice enough, I'll throw in an extra set of props or a battery strap (shhhh this is called a secret menu).
  5. I close the box, stick the label on the box, and drop them off at the USPS on the way to my 4pm FPV run. 
  6. The nice USPS man picks up the package and promises me to deliver it in 2-3 working days

The process is slightly slower for the complete-built Indestructible Goby and Martian, as I will spend the afternoon/night hand assembling them, and then maiden flight/tune them the next day. So total processing time will take an additional day. This is to ensure that each and every quad I build is in 100% perfect ready-to-race condition when you receive it. 


Q: My item is defective, how can I return it?

A: I individually QC everything I sell, so these events should be extremely rare. But in case of an item being DOA (dead on arrival), simply email  me and return it to me. If it is indeed DOA, I will ship a replacement to you pronto. If the item wasn't defective, I'll ship it back to you and put you on my naughty list. However, in either case, you will be responsible for return shipping, as unfortunately I'm not Amazon and don't have the clout with UPS to ship everything everywhere for cheap. 


Q: I flew my Indestructible Quad into a tree and broke something, does your warranty cover it?

A: Crashing and breaking stuff is part of this hobby, so I will probably go broke if I had warranties on the props. However, if you somehow broke the carbon arm on the Indestructible Goby 180 or Martian 220 as a result of a flight crash, send me a picture of the carnage and I will send you a replacement frame arm for free. If you miraculously captured this spectacular ordeal (and your camera survived the crash), I would love to see the video and send you more goodies for free.

On the other hand, if you bent a prop, shattered a camera lens, punctured a battery, broke off a motor shaft, or caused any other damage, I'm afraid I don't have a warranty on those. But let me know how you did it and I'll give you a discount on your replacement parts. 

However, you shouldn't try to deliberately break the quad by flying it into a wood shredder or something. Drone cruelty and fraud is not cool and I can and will detect it


Setting up your brand spanking new Indestructible Quad:

Please refer to the set-up guide here for more information. 



Anything and Everything Else:

Shoot me an email at IndestructibleQuads@gmail.com and I will get back to you as quickly as humanly possible.