BrotherHobby Tornado T2 2206 Motors

$18.50 $25.00

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Yep. This is the updated version of the already amazing Brother Hobby Tornado T1 2206. 

The T1 2206 already got rave reviews from for it's combination of unreal thrust, top notch build quality, and excellent efficiency. Now BrotherHobby just stepped up the game again and made T2 better by shaving weight, using 4mm hollow shaft, and shrinking air gaps for even more power. Jesus I'm getting hot for just writing all this.  

The 1.75mm thick N52 arc magnets, 0.15mm lamination, and aircraft grade 7075 aluminum all combined to make almost 1400 grams of thrust on 5in props and an even more unreal 1600 grams on 6in props. If that's not enough for you, step up to the 2600kv version and build something truly insane. 

I'm super excited about the 4mm hollow shaft and 7075 grade aluminum. The ruggedness makes me proud to carry it as part of the Indestructible Quad family. So get yours now.