The Indestructible Goby 180 v2

$245.00 $430.00

Don't let the cuteness fool you. This is one tough and sturdy quad that just bounces back from crashes and asks for more. It's kinda masochistic, really. Please checkout the build blog and crash test footage to see how it's meticulously built to last. 

Oh did I mention it can also pull a whooping 9 pounds of thrust? You're gonna need some new batteries after flying this; and probably new underwear too. 

Note: v2 version is now available! Check the specs below to see all the upgrades.

Best of all, the 4mm arms are guaranteed not to break. If you somehow managed to break it, I will send out a free replacement for you. 

Also comes with all the spare screws, hex wrench, lock nuts, standoffs, and an extra set of props. 

Here are the v2 specs:

-Goby 180 4mm Frame 

-Emax Skyline F3 Flight controller. 

-Tornado T2 2206 2600kv motors 

-Emax Bullet Series 30A ESC w/Dshot

-DAL T4045BN "unbreakable" tri-blade props (T5045 for 210 build)

-KingKong Motor Guards

-Runcam Swift FPV camera

-Foxeer 200mw 40ch VTX w/ Raceband 

-Foxeer "unbreakable" circular polarized antenna

-Frsky D4R-II or XSR Receiver (Optional)

For the full FPV experience, you will also need:

-Your own radio (FrSky compatible if you purchased the D4R-II option)

-FPV goggles/receiver 


For set-up help, please checkout the guide here.