Indestructible Quads "Gold Label" 4S HV True 85C Racing LiPo 1300mAh/1500mAh Battery

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If you have ever flown a Turnigy Bolt HV pack, you'll know how puff-happy those batteries are and how they've tainted the HV name. I feel the pain of your money going down the drain as each of them went puff, puff, puff. 

That's why we created the Indestructible Quads "Gold Label" HV batteries - engineered with both power AND longevity in mind. Check out the head-to-head longevity comparison with the Bolts - the Bolt puffed after 10 cycles of abuse, while the Gold Labels are still going strong after 20+ torture cycles and counting. 

The Gold Labels are guaranteed to deliver power without compromising longevity. If you're not satisfied with it after flying it or it starts puffing prematurely, our warranty will have you covered. 


Note: Please make sure your charger supports HV charging to 4.35v per cell. 


155g/167g for 1300mah/1500mah


74mm x 34mm x 31mm for 1300mah

74mm x 34mm x 36mm for 1500mah