Indestructible Quads "Black Label X" 4S True 100C Racing LiPo 1100mah Battery

$20.00 $28.00

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Back when I released the original Black Label True 80c series, I thought it was pretty crazy to get two whole horsepower out of these things without them burning down. But here we are, after a year of pushing the envelope of what is electrically and thermally possible (or responsible, for that matter), comes the Black Label X True 100-freaking-C series. 

No joke, even the little 1100mah version can easily push past sustained 100A output without breaking a sweat. During the sustained 150A (!) test for the 1500mah version, as you can see from the blooper reel below, the ESC solder joint let out a nice spark before melting, threatening to burn down the house. The battery was fine, got a little warm but was ready for more, though my lack of renter's insurance was not. 

Anyways, here they are, down to earth, no-BS, true 100C Black Label X series. Get one (or six), you won't regret it. At a svelte 140 grams, this little guy can beat out most other 1300mah in terms of power while weighing considerably less and still has enough power to finish the race. 

As a bonus, all X series comes with super stubby balance wires to save weight and not get in the way of the props. XT60-U connectors are also used to shave off an additional gram of weight. 

Dimensions: 75mm x 32mm x 27mm

Weight: 140 grams

Discharge Lead: 75mm

Balance Lead: 8mm