Indestructible Quads "Black Label" 4S True 80C Racing LiPo 1500mAh Battery - Armored Edition

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I have to admit, I'm not kind to my batteries. Due to a combination of bad piloting and bad luck, most of my batteries die of physical damage well before their chemical old age set in. 

Introducing the Black Label "Armored Edition" line of batteries that will deliver me from the evil misdeeds of slaughtering batteries. 

At its core is the same awesome Black Label 80C cells, now flanked by two sturdy 1mm aluminum plates, wrapped with extra thick mylar and matte heatshrink, all with a weight penalty of mere 5 grams. The battery is now ready for any kind of physical abuse you can throw at it. 

Welcome to the Armored side.




85mm x 34mm x 32mm for 1500mah