Setting up your brand spanking new Indestructible Quad

First of all, thank you so much for supporting Indestructible Quads. I'm glad that each one of my little quadlings can find a good home in an awesome customer like you guys. I will ensure that they will be properly set-up and taken care of before you smack it right into a tree. 

Step 1: Bind the receiver to your radio.

If you bought it sans receiver, first connect the receiver to the connector from the flight controller that I left you. I will assume that if you already have your own radio and receiver system, you would know the proper binding procedure. So move along and go to step 2.

If you bought with X4R/XSR, there's a little bind button on the receiver. Power on the quad while pressing that button. You should see both red and green led. Then follow the instruction on whatever radio you have to put the radio into bind mode. Reboot everything, if the receiver light is green, then you're A-OK. If not, try again. 

 If you bought the complete i6S system, then I've already did all the hard work for you, skip to step 3.

 Step 2: Check receiver mapping and auxiliary channels. 

Install the Betaflight configurator and the necessary drivers, use a micro-usb cable to connect the FC to your computer. After connecting, power on the quad and go to the receiver tab. Make sure all the sticks corresponds to the correct channels and are moving in the right direction. If not, either change the channel mapping from the default "AETR1234" to something else or reverse the channel on your radio.

On your radio, trim the center and end points of each channel such that everything centers on 1500 with a range of 1000-2000. 

You'll also need 3 auxiliary channels on your radio, preferably all hardware switches, to control different modes for the quad. By default, I set the quad so that Aux 1 is arm/disarm, Aux 2 is horizon mode (self-stablization)/acro mode/acro+air mode, and Aux 3 is buzzer. 

After you've assigned your radio switches to the Aux channels, you can now use them to arm/disarm, change flying mode (stablize is great for beginners, but you'll have to learn acro sooner or later, so might as well start on acro now), and find your quad in tall bushes. 

Pro-tip - Make sure arm/disarm is an easy to reach switch. You'll want to disarm immediately after you crash to minimize potential damage. 

 Step 3: Put on the props.

This is very important. If you put on a prop backwards or in the wrong place, the quad will not fly and will most probably turn into an uncontrollable lawn mower. 

Here it is - the "R" prop, i.e. 5040R, goes on the upper left and lower right corner. The other non-R props goes in the upper right and lower left. Make sure the letters on the prop face upwards. 

Don't over tighten the prop nuts, you might crack the hub and risk the prop exploding in mid-air.  

Step 4: Configure your FPV goggles

I fly at channel C-4, which is 5645mhz, so if you set your goggles to that frequency, you should be getting a nice picture right away. If you need to change the frequency on the VTX, there's a little button and LED display telling you what channel you're on. Short press to change the channel, and long press to change the band.

Step 5: Go out and fly

For your first flight, turn everything on, arm the quad, and very gently bring up the throttle. The quad will have lots of power so it'll hover at about 1/3 throttle. Any more it'l shoot up out of your sight pretty fast.

After you can bring it to a stable hover, just practice flying it wherever, as long as you're not near a large body of water - one of my 220 is still chilling in the bottom of the East River somewhere, RIP mate. 

Step 6: Monitor your battery voltage

On the FPV screen, the lower left numbers shows the battery voltage and amp draw. Once your voltage is lower than 14.0v while flying, the buzzer will sound and it's time to land. You can also monitor it by using the mAh consumed meter on the right. If your battery is 1300mAh in capacity, after drawing 1000mAh would be a safe time to land.

Step 7: Have lots of fun, get your friends into this hobby so they can buy from me too. :D 


As always, for any and all questions, email me at and I'll get back to you ASAP.