About me

My name is Ke. I've been tinkering, building, breaking, and crashing stuff before I even knew how to spell "carbon fiber." Ever since I got bitten by the miniquad bug, I've done my fair share of breaking stuff and repairing them. So every time when I fire up the good ol' soldering iron, glue gun, barrels of epoxy, and drums of electrical tape, I've always wondered "wouldn't it be grand if I don't have to repair this shit every time I crash?" 

That was my motivation to create "Indestructible Quads." I want to build and share the most robust racing miniquads that performs as well as it is tough. No more broken arms, no more bent motor shafts, no more sheared SMA connectors, and no more pissing away $300 by breaking your Eachine Racer 250/Walkera 210/Foxtech 250 on the first session (thank you RotorRiot, Flite Test, and Bruce Simpson).

Check out my build blogs. You'll see how I obsessed over each screw and solder joint like they were my babies. And then check out the crash test footage, and you'll see how I die a little inside each time I purposely crash my baby into the ground/tree/fence/asphalt (spoiler alert - the baby survives). 

And then maybe hit the "buy" button once in a while to support my adventures. #StarvingFPVPilots

Feel free to chat me up anytime for any questions you may have, miniquad related or not. Email, Reddit, RCgroups, Twitter, or if it floats your boat, snail mail.